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Peter Savov began his sailing experience in the Technical University in Sofia in 1993. He took part in Regatta Port Burgas in 1995, 96 and 97 on yacht EOS (1/4 toner), on the State Champinship for keel boats and number of races in yal-6 class. In 2000 he started to work on www.bg-sail.org.
Milen Petrinski - Gonzo started to practice sailing as sports classes in the Sofia University in 1996. In his unpretending autobiography can be mentioned participations in "Yacht Weekend" eco regatta in 1997 and 1998, the Open Students Championship "Tornado" and races in yal-6 class. His first sailing site was lounched in 1996 and since then he is colecting information, first published on his sailing pages and now on this site.

BG-SAIL.ORG wishes to thank to Stanislav Kassarov, Stanislav Viktorov, Dimitar Krumov, Iskra Yovkova, Slav Okov, Nikolai Aleksandrov and all the others who helped this site to be what it is now.

While working on the site we made our best to make it useful for the sailors in Bulgaria and those who want to visit Bulgarian beautiful coasts. Unfortunately we do not have the resources to keep the contents clear of spelling or grammar mistakes nor to always deliver up to date news and information.

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