Welcome to the first Kaliakria Cup – Black Sea Regatta in Balchik
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Welcome to the first Kaliakria Cup – Black Sea Regatta in Balchik.
For the first time, Yacht Club Balchik (also organiser of the
Balchik Regatta ), having the full support of the Bulgarian Sailing Federation, is organising the most important Black Sea Yachting Event in Bulgaria.

Our aim is to organise an excellent event, with a growing prize fund, which in the coming years will attract a significant number of yachts and skippers from the entire Black Sea region alongside the Bulgarian yachts.

The four day event will take place during the last week of May, in the port of Balchik (ancient Greek name Dionysopolis). For this edition of Kaliakria Cup, the participating yachts will be divided in three classes.

The prize fund, provided by the Principle Partner, will be awarded to the three best skippers from each class.
Wishing you fair winds!

Miroslav Stanev
President Yacht Club Balchik

Notice of Race
The first Kaliakria Cup – Black Sea Regatta, will be held from 29th of May to the 1st of June 2008 in Balchik. The Regatta will take place in the bay of Balchik, Cape Kaliakra and Kranevo. Organizer is Yacht Club Balchik, member of the Bulgarian Sailing Federation.

1. Rules
The 2008 Kaliakria Cup – Black Sea Regatta, will be governed by rules defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing (2005-2008), the rules of the Bulgarian Sailing Federation for national sailing competitions and regattas, the class rules for the national class Conrad 25P (K25R), the Regatta Instructions and the present Notice of Race.

2. Sailing classes
The yachts participating in the 2008 Kaliakria Cup – Black Sea Regatta will be divided in three classes:
Class A - Keelboats, National Class Conrad 25 P (K25R)
Class B - Keelboats over 29 feet
Class C - Keelboats below 29 feet

3. Advertising
3.1 The Regatta is designed as a Category C event in accordance
with ISAF advertising Code.
3.2 The Organisers will require competitors to display event sponsor advertising materials. These shall be affixed as prescribed in the Sailing instructions.

4. Registration, Fees and Entry
The participation in 2008 Kaliakria Cup – Black Sea Regatta is free for all eligible yachts. The Organisers and the Sponsors are providing free berthing in Marina Balchik and hotel accommodation for skippers and crew at preferential rates.
Applications for participation in the Regatta will be accepted by Yacht Club Balchik until 10th May 2008.
The registration of the participants will take place on 29th and 30th May 2008.

5. Sailing Instructions
Sailing Instructions will be delivered to the competitors at the time of registration at the Race Office. Official languages are Bulgarian and English.

6. Awards
The prize fund is provided to the Organisers by the Main Sponsor.
Prizes will be awarded to the top three crews in each class.

7. Buoyancy
All competitors shall wear while afloat, personal flotation devices that are in good condition and are in accordance with the requirements of ISAF, BSF and the Bulgarian Navigation Authorities.

8. Insurance
All crew members must be insured. The Organisers strongly advise
competitors to have third party liability insurance.

9. TV, Medias, Right to use name and likeness
In participating, the competitors automatically grant to the Organising Authorities and the Sponsors the right in perpetuity to make, use and show, at time to time and at their discretion, any motion and still pictures and live, taped or film television and any other reproduction of the yachts and the crew without compensation.

10. Responsibility
10.1. All participants are competing at their risk and at their own responsibility.
10.2. The Event Organisers, as well as any private or legal entity, bound to the organising of the Regatta, will not be held responsible under any circumstances, for any personal damages, losses and cases of death of participants as well as losses and damages which may have occurred to their possessions and property, either on shore or at sea during the time of the Event to which this Notice applies.
10.3. Each crew must ensure individual members insurance at own cost.

11. Regatta Offices
The offices of 2008 Kaliakria Cup – Black Sea Regatta will be situated in “Marina City”, Marina Balchik and during the race, onboard the start vessel of the Regatta Commission.
Contact person during the Regatta is Ms. Milkana Nonova,
tel. 0887 368417.

12. Time Schedule
The time schedule and the program of the 2008 Kaliakria Cup – Black Sea Regatta will be, subject to weather conditions, the following:

29th May 2008, Thursday
10.00 – 19.00 hrs – Registration
19.00 hrs – Technical conference
20.00 hrs – Opening ceremony followed by party

30th May 2008, Friday
08.00 – 10.00 hrs – Late registration
10.00 hrs – Race start (off-shore) Balchik– Cape Kaliakra – Кranevo – Balchik
20.00 hrs – Party

31th May 2008, Saturday
10.00 – 17.00 hrs – Three races type “in-shore” inside Balchik Bay
20.00 hrs – Party

01st June 2008, Sunday
10.00 – 13.00 hrs – Two races type “in-shore” inside Balchik Bay
14.00 hrs – Award ceremony
15.00 hrs – Official closing
16.00 hrs – Press conference

13. The Organizers
Yacht Club Balchik is one of the first water sports clubs in Bulgaria and has fostered generations of competitors in various water sports. During the 90s, like many similar institutions, the club ceased to exist, but was revived in the summer of 2007 by 13 sailors and sea-lovers. Their main goal was to popularise water sports among young people and especially among children, and to revive marine traditions in Bulgaria. The Club’s first achievement was the “Balchik Regatta”, which took place in October 2007 and proved to be an unforgettable experience for both participants
and organisers.
Kaliakria Cup – Black Sea Regatta sets even higher goals. The club, in its role of Organiser of the Regatta, together with the Principal Partner – Linexa Property, have the ambition to turn the Kaliakria Cup Regatta into an international annual event and to build it up to the most important keelboat sailing competition in the Black Sea Aquatorium.

14. Entry Form
Download Entry Form.pdf 93kb
or contact the Race office.

Yacht Club Balchik
Phone: +359/2-953 19 06
+359/88-736 84 17
e-mail: info@nauticabg.com
e-mail: balchiksea@abv.bg

Global Information

Balchik – The town of Dionysos

Balchik is a small beautiful seaside town, which combines the romance of its steep streets with the beauty of the sea. For a long time it has been known as the White Town for the mainly white colour of its lime rocks. Balchik has a 21 centuries history and has preserved traces of many cultures. Today, the Balchik Palace and the adjacent Botanical Garden are the town’s most popular landmarks. The gardens are the “residence” of 3 000 or so plant species and thus Europe’s second most important collection. The Leisure Marina, with a marvellous pedestrian promenade is buzzing with life in the warm summer evenings.

Marina Balchik

The old fishing and merchant harbor of Balchik is being transformed into a modern Leisure Boat Marina. In 2007 four floating berthing extensions with berths for 72 vessels were built.
The largest yacht, which can be accommodated, is up to 15m in length. By mid summer 2008 all 72 berths will be equipped with water and electricity.
With the planned future extension to the West, the Marina will have 200 berths, all equipped with electricity, water supply, satellite TV and internet.
The Marina Office, the Yacht Club building and a Helipad are also planned.


Kavarna was founded in the 5th century BC by Greek colonists who settled on the plateau in the colony Byzone. Today, together with the traditional agriculture, tourism has become an important part of the local economy. With a yacht port, a fishing base, a spacious beach, three 18-hole golf courses with residential developments and marinas being developed nearby, Kavarna is set to become one of the most attractive destinations long the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.
Over recent years, Kavarna has also become “the Rock-n-Roll” capital of Bulgaria. With a number of legendary rock groups and musicians, the concerts in Kavarna attract locals and tourist alike.

Cape Kaliakra

One of the most beautiful and picturesque places along the Bulgarian North Seaside is definitely Cape Kaliakra. The iron oxide composition of the rocks gives red colour to the cape, which is usually compared to a fiery sword, cutting the blue-green sea waters. Except for abundant history, the beautiful region treasures unique nature as well. “Kaliakra” Nature Preserve spreads on 688 000 square meters. The park is home of starlings, blackbirds and cormorants.

Principal Partner – Linexa Property Group

Linexa Property Group, the developer of “Kaliakria” project, is a property, investment and real estate group of companies that specializes in residential, leisure and lifestyle related developments in Bulgaria. The aim of the group is to create sustainable projects, enhancing the investment opportunities, while respecting essential architectural, social, cultural and ecological aspects of the sites and areas of operation.

Kalikaria is situated 8 km north of Balchik. Designed by Gustavo Kloster, a Spanish architect well known for his luxury villas in Costa del Sol, it combines the proven concept from the Mediterranean Sea coast with the local Bulgarian architectural style.

The apartments are very spacious, with generous terraces, overlooking a golf course and the sea beyond, with luxury bathrooms, underfloor heating, fully fitted kitchens with built-in appliances, natural stone floors, fireplaces as well as air conditioning as a standard.

Kaliakria also features infinity swimming pools, pool bars, a lush garden, reception and an extensive property management and rental service. Within its perimeter there are also plans for a small shopping area with a bistrot, a restaurant, cafeteria, grocery store and fitness centre and a small 60 seat conference facility. The first phase, which was completed in August 2007, is almost entirely sold out.
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